Christmas persuasive writing prompts

Design your own Christmas card. Should you have to take tests in school. I woke with a start. Of course I came prepared with this PDF presentation of ideas just in-casebut my ideas were not as great as some of the things I heard them talking about. Something red shone through the window.

Describe the feeling of snow inside your boots When does your family give each other presents. What is the best time of day. Make a Christmas memory quilt square by drawing a picture of your favorite Christmas memory and writing a sentence about it.

The prompts can be printed in a fun, festive color or in black and white strips.

December Writing Prompts

What word best expresses your main feeling or emotion. If you were a mouse in your house in the evening, what would you see your family doing. Which quality do you dislike most about yourself—laziness, selfishness, childishness—and why. For the first time in 70 years, he hadn't bothered with a Christmas tree Should students be required to learn a second language.

Why, it looked like a reindeer nose. E-mail it to ideas theholidayzone. Would you rather be in a Christmas play or a Christmas concert. If you could award this prize to someone that you know, who would you select and why.

If you were principal of this school, what would you do. Tell where and when the party is. Hand-write a letter that you will actually mail to a friend or relative. Once they picked a prompt, we had a major brainstorm session. Design your own Christmas card. I have designed this calendar with a winter theme.

It was a pretty quick mini-lesson to get their brains thinking about these concepts. There are 31 square calendar number dates in this teaching resources set.

Personify your Christmas tree. It was a pretty quick mini-lesson to get their brains thinking about these concepts. I then gave them the homework of looking for more examples of these persuasive techniques in the media. Christmas Essay & Story Writing Prompts for Kids.

by Pattern Based Writing: Quick & Easy Essay | Seasonal and Holiday Writing Ideas, Writing Prompts.

Christmas Essay & Story Writing Prompts for Kids

Christmas is a wonderful time of year for student writing. There is a very high level of student motivation! Christmas Persuasive Essay • There definitely is a Santa Claus.

Christmas Writing 15 Picture Writing Prompts {Christmas Edition} This resource contains: * A PDF file composed of 15 sheets with picture writing prompts and two Christmas writing paper/sheets. * A PowerPoint file with the pictures used in the sheets to give you an option to show the images through the Interactive Whiteboard.

‘Tis the season! I am going to jump right into the good stuff this evening and share with you the the published work from my Christmas Persuasive Writing Pack. (If you’re interested in reading PART 1 of our “Persuasive Writing Unit”, which contains a freebie, the set up, and mini-lesson, click HERE to check out that [ ].

Persuasive writing is a fun writing unit to teach, and this packet makes persuasive writing come alive and gives it a Christmas twist!

20 Christmas Writing Prompts

Included in this resource: 6 Christmas-themed persuasive writing prompts -Prompts come in single strips to cut and pass out or4/5(). Nov 05,  · Writing at Christmas is an easier task for students than most other times of the year.

There is a special magic in the air as Christmas draws closer and students are full of emotion and memories associated with Christmas. 62 Persuasive Writing Prompts for Kids Posted on July 5, by Squarehead Teachers Welcome to Squarehead Teachers, where I post my original teaching materials for FREE!

Christmas persuasive writing prompts
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